Evi Tihemets and August Künnapu. Happiness and Everything Else

We’ll Be Right Back, You Just Keep Playing!

Runner Along the Border, Rat Catcher and Bricklayer

Taavi Talve. I Was in Timbuktu

Neeme Külm & Alice Kask. In Vanity Alone

… and Other Shades of Light. Kristi Kongi and Krista Mölder

Olga Jürgenson. Le Bordel Synthétique

Eleriin Ello. So Bright that It Blinds You


What Makes Another World Possible?

Wearing a Hundred Shirts

Robin Nõgisto. Picture People

Judith Seng. Acting Things VIII – Silent Negotiations

Yevgeniy Fiks. Pas De Trois

Spring Exhibition 2021

Spring Exhibition 2021: From Head to Toe

Spring Exhibition 2021: Outside / In

Repeating Patterns

Sirja-Liisa Eelma & Mari Kurismaa

Maria Valdma. Memory Palace

Flo Kasearu. Cut out of life

Benjamin Badock and Kaido Ole. A Sparrow in the Hand

Olesja Katšanovskaja-Münd. Traces of Existence in a Moment

May You Be Loved and Protected

Modern Love

(or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies)

Maria Kapajeva. When the World Blows Up, I Hope to Go Down Dancing

Like Stones in Flowing Water

Ingrid Allik, Naima Neidre & Tiiu Pallo-Vaik

Olev Subbi: Landscapes from the End of Times

Alina Bliumis and Tanja Muravskaja. Narrating Against the Grain

Urmas Pedanik. Transitions

Spring Exhibition 2020

Estonian Artists' Association Annual Exhibition

Mihkel Ilus & Paul Kuimet. Endless Story

Laura Kuusk. Dear Algorithm,

Ede Raadik: The Best You Can Ever Be

Disarming Language

Disability, communication, rupture