Catalog issue 24. Coverage

Raul Meel and Krzysztof Piętka. Song of Songs

Liisa Kruusmägi. Memories from Altai Krai

Hanna Samoson. Magic is sometimes very close to nothing at all

At Arm’s Length

Tallinna Fotokuu peanäitus: "Transs"

Erki Kasemets ja Camille Laurelli. Bricollage

Hold Me Tender

Chasing the Devil to the Moon

Diāna Tamane. The Sea is You

Future Memories


Is There Hope for Lovely Creatures?

Bad Ideas

Her Legs, an Egg, Her Toil(e) and Blankets

I came here to be alone. I also came here to be alone

Oliver Ressler. Barricading the Ice Sheets

Cloe Jancis. Wishing well


Evi Tihemets and August Künnapu. Happiness and Everything Else

We’ll Be Right Back, You Just Keep Playing!

Runner Along the Border, Rat Catcher and Bricklayer

Taavi Talve. I Was in Timbuktu

Neeme Külm & Alice Kask. In Vanity Alone

… and Other Shades of Light. Kristi Kongi and Krista Mölder

Olga Jürgenson. Le Bordel Synthétique

Eleriin Ello. So Bright that It Blinds You


What Makes Another World Possible?

Wearing a Hundred Shirts

Robin Nõgisto. Picture People

Judith Seng. Acting Things VIII – Silent Negotiations

Yevgeniy Fiks. Pas De Trois

Spring Exhibition 2021

Spring Exhibition 2021: From Head to Toe

Spring Exhibition 2021: Outside / In

Repeating Patterns

Sirja-Liisa Eelma & Mari Kurismaa

Maria Valdma. Memory Palace

Flo Kasearu. Cut out of life

Benjamin Badock and Kaido Ole. A Sparrow in the Hand

Olesja Katšanovskaja-Münd. Traces of Existence in a Moment

May You Be Loved and Protected

Modern Love

(or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies)

Maria Kapajeva. When the World Blows Up, I Hope to Go Down Dancing

Like Stones in Flowing Water

Ingrid Allik, Naima Neidre & Tiiu Pallo-Vaik

Olev Subbi: Landscapes from the End of Times

Alina Bliumis and Tanja Muravskaja. Narrating Against the Grain

Urmas Pedanik. Transitions

Spring Exhibition 2020

Estonian Artists' Association Annual Exhibition

Mihkel Ilus & Paul Kuimet. Endless Story

Laura Kuusk. Dear Algorithm,

Ede Raadik: The Best You Can Ever Be

Disarming Language

Disability, communication, rupture