Catalog issue 24. Coverage

Catalog is a series of publications about cataloging, written by Lieven Lahaye and designed by Ott Metusala since 2016. It is published intermittently rather than continuously and has no fixed format. The publications have taken the form of postcards, exhibition handouts, paper airplanes, paper hats, newspapers, bumper stickers etc. 

The act of ‘cataloging’ here is related to the organisation and activation of information. In particular, Catalog is dedicated to the value of ephemeral information – printed matter, notes, sketches and secondary literature, but also furniture and objects produced by amateurs. This type of information is created as part of a process and destined for a short and marginalised existence, but can eventually reach further.

The exhibition at Tallinn City Gallery will center around the publication of a new issue of Catalog as part of the ongoing sub-series on the near invisibility of information, presented in tandem with physical works: prints, a sound piece and objects.