… and Other Shades of Light. Kristi Kongi and Krista Mölder

The exhibition … and Other Shades of Light at Tallinn Art Hall brings together artists Kristi Kongi and Krista Mölder. Light plays a special role in both artists’ works, which combine in a unique constellation in this exhibition. Both Kristi Kongi and Krista Mölder have attracted international attention and earned countless awards, and they are among the brightest ambassadors of Estonian art. Here they are together for the first time in front of their home audience.

“Colours, their flicker, variability and sensual influence play important roles in the work of both artists, with one of them preferring unworldly vibrant colours, while the other favouring subdued Nordic tones,” says Siim Preiman, the curator of the exhibition. “The trail of thought of both artists begins with a spatial experience. They both can create immersive art spaces, as well as flat hanging rectangular objects. Each visitor to the exhibition can discover for themselves whether this get-together is pleasantly harmonious or excitingly dissonant.”