Modern Love

Modern Love (or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies) explores the state of love and intimate relations in the age of the Internet, social media, neo-liberal capital, and globalisation. It probes the societal patterns and challenges as well as possibilities that the Internet and social media – and now the Covid-19 pandemic – present to our intimate relationships. At a time of increasing alienation, individualism and loneliness – symptoms of our world’s increasingly urbanised, digitally networked lifestyles – the exhibition prompts us to think how we can we reclaim meaningful relationships and unconditional love as a potent emotional force and intense psychological bond between people that gives meaning to our lives in ways that no other interaction, ‘object’ or experience can? How can love be rescued from the claws of capital and the corporate technosphere? Modern Love looks into the pathologies and problems afflicting love and matters of the heart today, aiming to prompt a reconsideration of how we engage with those we feel closest to us and asks us to imagine a way out of current feelings of emotional sterility, loneliness and the ‘cold intimacies’ engendered by the digital revolution.