Mihkel Ilus & Paul Kuimet. Endless Story

Endless Story brings together two artists whose work is united by their dedication to the material and their creative intensity, which is most clearly expressed in their fascination with their chosen media and techniques. Together they look at the invisible systems that drive our world, which despite the passing of time, remain or are reborn in an almost unchanged form. Both painting and photography endow their practitioners with numerous guidelines for the correct ways of behaviour and choice of material. For the painter, let the canvas be linen and the paint be oil. Analogue photographs are not to be retouched in Photoshop, but by skilful manipulation of light in the darkroom. And so, we mainly see traditional materials used in the art of painting in Ilus’ works: oil paint, linen canvas and untreated wood. Kuimet, from his side, consistently applies traditional forms of photography: slides, film and analogue enlargements.