Eleriin Ello. So Bright that It Blinds You

In her solo exhibition So Bright that It Blinds You, Eleriin Ello shifts the temporal and spatial dimensions of tiny, palm-sized stones on the one hand, and the imperceptible vastness of space on the other. We have all looked to the sky and we have all looked down to the ground at our feet. “These are the two ends of a single scale,” Eleriin Ello says. She paints both of these. “My exhibition is based on the perception of the vastness of our inner universe and the immeasurability of existence. The exhibition features abstract paintings on the themes of light and darkness and also realistic paintings of stones. /…/ On the scale of the inner universe of man and the infinity of being, I am moving towards a place where I have no beginning or end. I just am. /…/ Darkness is densely filled with everything and anything; all the colours of being are woven into it. Sinking into darkness, into the black hole, it may seem like everything is over and I am about to disappear. And I am indeed disappearing, but only to appear again in the shadow of darkness, creating myself anew. This is the place of creation – and of the beginning. Darkness is so bright that it blinds you,” says Eleriin Ello in the text accompanying her exhibition.