Jass Kaselaan

Jass Kaselaan (1981) is an artist who combines sculpture, sound and other media in his work, creating powerful spatial installations. His works contain an existential spirituality, bringing up questions about religion and science in relation to technological progress, but also about the relationship between animals and humans. Kaselaan looks at life in its totality, not delimiting it to solely an earthly existence. Life, death, resurrection, transmigration of souls, faith, memory and family are the pinpoints of his work, but not physically perceptible constraints.

Kaselaan graduated from Tartu Art College in 2006 and defended his master’s degree at the Estonian Academy of Arts in the department of sculpture and installation in 2008. He has been awarded with Anton Starkopf’s stipend (2011), the Kristjan Raud Prize (2014) and the Köler Prize Grand Prix (2014).