Alice Kask

Alice Kask (1976) is a painter whose work is often associated with new figurative painting. Kask’s paintings are characterised by a sketch-like quality and taking the quotidian into a territory where it becomes detached from reality. At first glance, her paintings seem to solely centre on the figure and human body, however, a focus on space and environment is always present through shadows, black holes, images rising out of emptiness, and juxtaposition of surfaces and spaces. The power of her works relies in the inseparability of the painting and the physical object, the contact of the image with the underlying surface or detachment from it.

Kask graduated from the painting department of the Estonian Academy of Arts (BA 1999, MA 2002). Kask’s works are part of the collections of the Art Museum Estonia, Tartu Art Museum, the City of Tallinn, Neumünster Museum and those of private collectors. She has been awarded the Konrad Mägi Prize in 2003 and the Young Artist Prize by Vaal Gallery in 2005.