Tõnis Saadoja

Tõnis Saadoja (1980) is a painter who mainly works with the truthfulness of an image, the influence of „small“ narratives of personal chronicles as well as those of art history and problems of memory. His works are described by their conceptual structure and the quest for technically exclusive form in everyday motives. Saadoja graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in painting (2004, BA) and holds a Master of Fine Arts from East London University (2006). He is an outstanding artist of one of the oldest forms of visual art – painting – in modern-day Estonia and has revitalised the practice of monumental painting in public spaces (NO99 Theatre ceiling painting 2012). He was awarded the Konrad Mägi Prize (2015) and the Kristjan Raud Medal and Award (2013) as well as the Köler Prize People’s Choice Award (2011). His recent solo exhibitions include Studio (2018, Art Hall Gallery), Arrival in a Paper Town (2018, Hobusepea Gallery) and Paper Town. Enveloped Sky (2019, Draakoni Gallery).