Jevgeni Zolotko

Jevgeni Zolotko (1983) is an artist whose work centres on the relationship between the verbal and the material. In his site-specific installations, Zolotko highlights the universal traits of human nature, intergenerational sensitivities passed on through culture and religion and the suppressed subconscious. Zolotko graduated from the sculpture department of Tartu Art College (2008, BA). His recent exhibitions include Silent (2020, Tartu Art Museum), Hier nicht with Uwe Schloen (2020, Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia), Artists in Collections. Viivikonna Passages (2018, Sillamäe Museum). He was the very first winner of the Köler Prize awarded by the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (2011) and has received the Starkopf Sculpture Prize (2012) as well as the Annual Award of Visual and Applied Art Endowment of Estonian Cultural Endowment (2013).