Ingrid Allik

From the series "Soft Stones" II


For those unfamiliar with the technique it is difficult to understand how long and laborious the process of making a barely wrist-sized ceramic sculpture really is. Circles engraved in the upper, hand-modelled stone tied with red ribbon are scraped into clay that is fired once and then let harden. Only after applying another thin layer of clay and glaze are they cleaned out again. On the lower white stone, the glaze was cracked by bringing the stone from hot to cold, forming a beautiful textured pattern. Also important is the resulting pattern from the moods of smoke in the kiln. The glaze surface applied to the stones for firing has been scraped off in order to expose the clay material more sensitively and remove the inevitable stiffness of the glaze.

The entire Soft Stones series was exhibited at the Handmark Gallery in Tasmania in 2019.