Lieven Lahaye



Displayed in the rear room of Tallinn City Gallery are artworks and objects accompanying previous issues of Catalog. All the pieces showcased in this exhibition are part of Catalog’s ongoing subseries, which explores the concept of near invisibility. The artwork created on receipt paper, designed to accompany issue #21, features imprints, words and references to books and images that supported and inspired Lieven Lahaye while writing his text N-A-S-T, published in that edition. This text also originated from a Google search and is heavily influenced by the heatwave that struck Berlin during his residency there in 2022, along with the associated sensations, scents and frictions.

The initially eight-meter-long artwork extends and evolves with each exhibition adapting to the constraints of the exhibition space. Created on a long and narrow strip of paper, it is fragile and responsive to touch and temperature. Each rolling and unrolling adds new delicate imprints to the paper, altering and overlapping the previous ones. Once movements are made, they cannot be undone. The piece is meant to be read linearly, from left to right, symbolising a journey from the past to the future.