Mark Raidpere

Mark Raidpere (1975) is a photographer and video artist who explores with great sensitivity and astuteness the dilemmas and anxieties of the human soul, its inevitable loneliness and tragic fate. His research often takes its cue from his own family’s universe but sometimes has social connotations, focusing on marginalised people, urban violence and street life.

Raidpere studied photography at Tallinn Communication School (1993-1994) and film and video at Tallinn Pedagogical University (2000-2003). He represented Estonia at the 51st Venice Art Biennale in 2005. His works have been exhibited in numerous international joint and solo exhibitions and he has received important art prizes: the Annual Award of the Cultural Endowment in 1998, the Hansapank Art Prize in 2005, the 1st Prize of LOOP Spain, the Gilles Dusain Prize, the Ars Fennica Prize (all in 2008).