Kaido Ole

Abstract paintings from 1990-2021


“As you can see, I have made abstract art at two different phases, at the very beginning of my career and now at the end … When I was a student, right before my graduation, this abstraction was like the last lifeline for me, because I had already learned so much and so unsystematically that there were already too many technical skills accumulated on my table. With the abstract method, I was able to somewhat clear out my desktop and return to the essence. And with such a scarce selection of toys, I finally started to understand art. It is indeed partly a play, but even though it may not be a play on life and death, there is still a lot at stake – namely becoming an artist.

When I started a new abstract series recently, the situation was much different; the stakes were not that high, yet there was a genuine feeling that now is the time to try again.

There are different stages in life, and in order to be on the move and thus perhaps even come closer to something important, you also need to take turns to rest from one thing and the other. To quote a prematurely deceased singer, “Sometimes the moment is right to breathe out; sometimes it is right to breathe in.” – Kaido

Abstract paintings from 1990-2021