Emma Hauck (1878-1920)

Emma Hauck was born in Ellwangen. She had four sisters; her father was an installer and her mother worked as a tailor. Before her marriage, Emma helped with sales work at the family’s clothing store. She was hospitalised in Heidelberg at the age of 31, after four years of marriage and two daughters. She had changed abruptly after having kids: she became withdrawn and afraid, reluctant to her husband and indifferent to housework. She feared poisoning and believed that her husband’s kiss would infect her.

After being sent to the clinic for treatment, she was released a month later, but returned to the institution barely two months after that. In Heidelberg, she was declared an incurable patient and referred to a treatment and care facility in Wiesloch. Emma Hauck spent almost 11 years in Wiesloch before dying there in 1920.