Vala T. Foltyn

Vala is a poetic choreographer, performance maker, physical thinker, improvising artist, as well as community leader, art curator, host, and producer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She gained a master’s degree in cultural anthropology at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. She also graduated from “Performers House” school in Silkeborg, Denmark. In 2011 she received a dance grant to study with Anna Halprin at the Mountain Studio in California, which evolved into a long-term research on her choreographic heritage. Since 2008 she’s been working with Slovenian art collective Kud Ljud, and their works were presented at many art festivals worldwide. Vala is also a co-creator of Krakow Art House, a 110-years old villa, where art and urban activism are being sheltered. In 2016, she founded Lamella the house of queer arts that fertilizes the artistic, social and cultural development of Kraków’s LGBTQ community.