Tiiu Pallo-Vaik

Tiiu Pallo-Vaik (1941) graduated from Tartu Art School and the State Art Institute in painting. She was awarded the grand prix at the Baltic Watercolour Triennial and the Kristjan Raud prize and medal as well as several other awards. Tiiu is a member of the former artist group ANK ’64. Her highly generalised works from the 1960s, painted in gouache and inspired by the group’s notion of art, have remained unique in her oeuvre. The artist later moved towards more traditional professionalism in both her choice of themes and her execution of works. Her watercolours in the 1980s are virtuosic and light; since the 1970s her treatment of colour and light has turned to more serious and difficult tasks in oil painting. The closer to the turn of the century, the closer her oil paintings and watercolours have come to each other.