Mónica Mays

Extra Irregular Pearls I, II


Monica Mays two embroidered blankets in perlescent silk entitled Extra Irregular Pearls draw from Mays’ ongoing research into the Neo-Baroque as a complex aesthetic network. Mays is interested in the potential of its excessiveness, ornamentation and exuberance as spaces where states of in-betweenness and opacity of meaning can exist. Rather than keeping to a linear view of space and time, she suggests a vision where multiple perspectives collide and irregularity is brought to the forefront and seen as valuable.

The landscapes of Extra Irregular Pearls depict warped and plural views on time and space, bringing these together in the oniric space of a blanket. Mays draws elements from multiple references such as the Dutch Tulipomania, the projection of magical thinking over anthropomorphized female figures such as Inanna and the Virgin of Rocío and Les perspectives dépravées by Jurgis Baltrusaitis.

The artwork will be accompanied by a performance presented in November.