Monica Mays

Monica Mays’ work consists of sculptures, performances and archival images. She has a background in cultural anthropology that informs their site-specific practice, enmeshing biography, historical archive and mythology. Her pieces often take the shape of animated domestic objects that are spilling over, optically distorted or in a process of transmutation. She considers materials and objects through their production and reproduction, searching for logics of meaning-making and identity under alienating systems of production and exchange. Currently, she has been working with pre-patriarchal narratives, nature-culture cannibalisms, perspective and the neobaroque. Her work has recently been exhibited in institutions such as Frascati Theater (NL), Centro Centro (ES), Dutch Design Week (NL), Rupert (LT) and La Casa Encendida (ES) and in galleries and independent spaces such as Punt WG (NL), Industra (CZ), Nosbaum Reding (BE/LU) and Salón (ES). Recently they were awarded the prizes 3PD by Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Young Artist Stipendium by Mondriaan Fonds and Generación 2022 by the Fundación Montemadrid.