Elo-Reet Järv

The works by Elo-Reet Järv


Internal and external worlds meld in the artistic work of Elo-Reet Järv. The intricate leather sculptures depict a moment of, or longing for, transformation. While her objects seem to be moving through physical shapeshifting or point towards metaphysical connectivity, her characters with a human resemblance can be found absorbed in an internal reflection. Arresting and disquieting, these works exude mystery.

Järv’s creative process seemed to draw its essence from the subconscious mind. It’s not easy or even important to try to pinpoint the origin of the sculptures’ evocative presence. Järv’s innate trust on intuition and its guidance to give shape to connections between natural and human-made, emotionally charged and confined, as well as vital and inanimate, comes through the works on display.

Here, a selection of the artist’s body of work over a time span of 25 years finds resonance with the work of contemporary practitioners. The elusive yet deeply visceral objects induce contemplation on the complexity of the human mind, and perhaps shed light on its shadowy aspects, as well? Järv’s oeuvre is a powerful reminder of the deeply intertwined relationship between the mind and the body: the endless feedback loops the human system produces and maintains. One can’t function without the other.