Cloe Jancis



Even before science developed the theory that our ancestors first lived in the primeval ocean and only then moved to dry land, people knew that water was the source of all life. Coins and armour, swords and other forms of sacrifice were brought to the sources and wells that were considered magical and sacred. Even though an imperceptible amount of time separates us from our primitive ancestors, the customs of those times still live in us. This is why people whisper their secret wishes to two different surfaces that are seven lands and seas apart. One wish is made to the mysterious magic well, where the spirit living in it is said to fulfil even your wildest dreams. Of course, there are several conditions for fulfilling your wish. First, the coin thrown into the well must land face up, but second, you have to be lucky enough to live in a truly magical world where such magic wells exist. Only then will your wish be instantly granted by the wishing well.

The second wish is presented to a screen glowing in the dark in the world in which you and me live, where magic seems to have become part of everyday life. A number of answers immediately appears on the asker’s screen. You can really ask anything: meal recipes, beauty tips, repair advice or relationship help. There is only one small thing that separates us from true magic. That is, in order to make your dreams come true, you also need to work hard yourself.