Siiri Jüris

Organic Matter IV


This painting is part of the series matter that (em)bodies, that focuses on empathic physical contact between bodies, but at the same time seeks to divert attention from the human external form to the material that the body, directly and indirectly, consists of. The bodies depicted in the multilayered and thickly painted works of Jüris are in-between: realistic and figurative, and at the same time abstract and non-figurative, guiding the viewer’s gaze to penetrate the various layers. The artist’s goal is not to idealise the human form, but to show it as one with the entire perceived world. Another goal is to try different combinations of paint material (acrylic paint and canvas) and ways to apply paint to the canvas in order to reach a technical solution that can best mimic organic matter both visually and can be translated into a physical painting process.