Krzysztof Piętka

Krzysztof Piętka's paintings from the years 2017-2023

I work in waves: paint non-stop for 2 weeks 7 pictures a day, then I rest for a short while waiting for the next wave to come. It’s exhausting for me to not paint. On top of my painting I own a journal in which I write down my daily thoughts and reflections. I sketch small drawings that eventually become bases for paintings which then become full paintings, often realised in a 3-4 hour single session.

Production of a single painting is a sum of a number of components. They can be the most simple stimuli at home or during a walk. The end product is an essence from the given day. It’s also driven by anxiety.

My private life is translated into my paintings which are the side product of isolation. Painting has become more real for me than the physical world around me.

Krzysztof Piętka (2018)