Olesja Katšanovskaja-Münd

Let the sound create the space


The audio installation, which is audible through the exhibition space, is based on phrases voiced by Olesja, Alexey and Karolin, and represents her inner dialogue and sounds that emerge from her body’s impulses towards these phrases. They speak about living in confinement and the various limitations we are faced with as parts of the social organisms. The audio is meant to be experienced (together with the sculptures) to explore how we are trying to survive despite limitations, struggle in our own bodies or find ways to develop ourselves and evolve from trauma inside our bodies. The limitations echoed in the gallery reflect conservative societal norms, gender roles, and beliefs, introduced by social institutions and political realities shaping who we are. 

The sculpture series in the front room are the concrete results of these conversations captured in the audio installation and non-verbal interactions with the clay material. Together they give insight into the artistic process of creating a new feeling of inner space, expressing and overcoming the feelings of limitation and stagnation.