Liisa Kruusmägi

Miniature model of the Estonia Village


The exhibited model represents a miniature plan of the Estonia Village in Altai Krai. It was created based on the village plan drawn by Liisa’s grandmother. The concept of the work is to provide an idea of the local environment based on the memories of Liisa’s grandmother. The Estonia Village was a row village with 100-150 farms. The so-called big village ran along the river: two rows of houses with a wide street in the middle. Each house had a so-called “line garden” – about 100 meters wide and 300 meters long. A ditch bordered each garden. Towards the street, there was a fence woven from branches. Shrubs or flowers grew under the windows. On the other side of the river was the so-called small village with 17 farms.

In Liisa’s grandmother’s memories, the importance of helping each other and operating as a community in village life becomes very prominent. Everyone contributed: some helped build houses, others planted cabbages. To create a similar sense of cooperation, we involved friends and family in the creation of this artwork. The gatherings in November became a kind of therapy session. Alongside working with clay, we shared memories related to our ancestors or fantasised about the animals living and plants growing there. We gave the creators quite a lot of creative freedom, therefore, many characters in the model are a symbiosis of fantasy and real life. Each figurine embodies something characteristic of Liisa’s art.

Thank you to all participants: Reda Tomingas, Jüri Tomingas, Kairit Sõlg, Mirjam Reili, Joonas Veelmaa, Karri Kaljend, Liina Mahlakõiv, Maarja Mäemets, Stella Skulatšjova, Anete Kruusmägi, Anastassia Šarõmova, Mariia Bonchuk, Aleksandra Ianchenko and Dorottya Bujdosó.