Hanna Hildebrand

LWCE T1 / Looking with closed eyes


Hanna Hildebrand has been thinking about grids. In her installation LWCE T1 the artist is exploring the grid as a space between “the concrete”, the imagined, the ideal and memories.

The multimedia installation includes two short videos: a musical representation of the pronunciation of the Albanian alphabet and fragments of films the artist selected from the Albanian Film Archive in Tirana, produced between 1958 and 1996. The two videos were accompanied by a series of photographs and an Augmented Reality object which could be visualised via a mobile device. LWCE T1 is part of a series exploring the grid as its main motif, which indicates structures of knowledge and the alphabet as a base of language, storytelling and communication.

The project LWCE T1 was realised at Tirana Art Lab in the framework of the Beyond Matter artist residency program.

LWCE T1 / Looking with closed eyes