Krišjānis Elviks

Krišjānis Elviks is Riga based scenographer and interdisciplinary artist. Since 2015 he has created scenography for numerous performances, exhibitions and fashion shows. He has graduated from the scenography department at Art Academy of Latvia and now continues his studies in the master’s program POST. At the centre of his artistic practice is the thinking in space which results in interdisciplinary projects with elements of scenography, installation, concrete poetry and performance art. His work is inspired by urban environments, infrastructures and construction work traditions. In his latest practice he explores his own Baltic-queer identity and challenges which offers life in the post-soviet country where democratic values came in after the collapse of the Iron Curtain. In 2020 Elviks got nominated as best scenographer of the year for the Latvian Theatre award “Spēlmaņu nakts”, before that Elviks was awarded with SEB grant in painting (2019) and received an Ināra Tetereva Grant in Art (2017).