Sarah Nõmm

Sarah Nõmm (1998) is a contemporary artist based in Tallinn who works mainly in the media of sculpture, installation, video and performance. Her work deals with the female body and the spaces around it, where women’s social, mental and physical conditions are manifested. Nõmm’s works are often based on her personal experiences and examine body-related topics through traditional religions, myths, taboos and everyday rituals, while analysing traditional customs and gender inequality that is reinforced through them. Nõmm often uses traditional craft techniques, such as yarn spinning, felting and weaving on looms, drawing attention to the connection of these practices with the present day, both on a substantive and technical level. Nõmm’s selection of materials also includes human hair, which intertwines topics such as sexuality, social norms imposed on women’s bodies, sense of security, control and fragility in her various works.