Anna Škodenko


And some more from her description of the exhibition: “The concept of this exhibition is based on a worldview that seems to consist of fragments, pieces and layers; they exist in parallel and do not merge with each other. From such a worldview, the need to grasp things that are in our immediate vicinity – at arm’s length – arises as a natural reaction. I hold on to my close connection with the material as a lifeline, following the gradual development of the work process, trying to make sense of its stages and identify with them. Initially, I bring myself to such an emotional state in which I can give up result-oriented control. I cover the metal surface with engraved texts and drawings consisting of a single line. Then I paint views of the environment on these same plates with oil, so that different voices come together on a single painting surface. These “voices” are incoherent; they are merely layers appearing on a shiny, sterile aluminium surface.” Therefore, this is an exhibition of fragments, of a shattered and ever-changing worldview that is impossible to cope with. You have to learn how to love its fragmentariness to make your hand want to reach for it, at the same time being prepared to “probably lose it again later”, or burn it like the paper which might have carried the most necessary and important words ever written. Because the strange painting above, reminiscent of a flower, a megaphone or maybe a hatching cocoon, depicts nothing other than burning paper.